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Hi. This is Aunt Sis Wholehearted Ideas. I wish to welcome you to my ideas, blogs, posts, pins or whatever else I wholeheartedly discover. Here is where you find out what I think of wholehearted ideas!! I hope to motivate and inspire others with my wholehearted ideas. Examples could be collected from when I was in Tennessee with my husband for two very long months. Others, there, told me I inspired them with my crocheting large lap “blankets” for a few at the Veteran Hospital. I also worked with two creative lightweight blankets to draw items, write verses and quotes on with embroidery and permanent markers. I gave them back to a Church for their needy homeless closet. I also crocheted a nice sized blanket for a cancer patient who works at the front hotel desk we stayed at. I both inspired and kept myself busy with my wholehearted ideas. Ideas! IDEAS!!! That word is essential here to my site. Ideas. Think hard about the meaning of..IDEAS. Well, everyone has them! You find them in everything you do or you have done. Without an idea, we would not have our i Phones or the nice car you love to drive. Things are formed from ideas. Ideas are important. Having ideas are good. Some are bad and many should never have been thought of. But, if you don’t take the time to consider an idea, ponder over it and decide for yourself what you think, then the idea either could become a dead idea or an idea foolishly acted upon. Always check out an idea, decide for yourself on the good or bad. Then act on it in good judgment while using common sense. Common sense. Ideas. You get my meaning here?! Don’t just take an idea I call wholehearted or that I have pinned or anyone else has pinned and be saying, “This the best thing ever!” You, and only you are responsible for any idea you find and act upon on my pins, my blogs or posts. Others pins or blogs or posts I post, pin or blog. I will not call myself a professional here to give anyone professional ideas on anything. They are only ideas. Please, remember, they are my wholehearted ideas which I am sharing with you or have found to share with you. Ideas. Sometimes, I see a really great blog. I’m very impressed with the blog layout. The words seem to hit home. Then, I DECIDE to take what the blogger said. I plug those things into my new www.wholeheartedideas.com site and hey!!! What’s this plugin stuff in my comments to the right side of my dashboard? What?!!! Is it saying I need to buy or install another plugin to optimize my beautiful chosen theme? At this point you decide if you have missed understanding something you thought was free or has all this led me in the wrong direction of too many plugins?! In the end, it is you who has to decide if an idea is as wholehearted perfect as it had been thought to be. So my last statement here is to once again, remind everyone to use my ideas carefully, and at your own expense and decisions. That advice should include anyone’s ideas you might find anywhere you look on other sites or social medias.Hope you will enjoy all my Wholehearted Ideas, my blogs, posts, and pins. Thanks. Aunt Sis Wholehearted Ideas at www.wholeheartedideas.com


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